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Having seen many tax software reviews which really donít make sense, most reviewers donít even do their own taxes. They have been putting all their focus on the interface, so all they have been focusing on is - which price is good, which is easy to use, or which looks clean, etc.


You donít need to mention price because they are listed there, and they also change from time to time. As far as user interface goes, different people have different tastes.


My review will help you find answers to the following questions:


1)      Does the product have the capability to handle your tax situations?

2)      Can the product prepare all the returns for your family together?

3)      Which software can gives you the maximum benefit? Or are they the same?


My test showed real differences among CRA certified products. I chose the winner based on the numbers I made. However, the combinations of tax scenarios are many and I only tested a few of them, and all products are always improving. So my suggestion is always the same - try a few packages and choose the one you think is the best.




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